The RepRap project

The RepRap project

What is the RepRap Project? It’s about making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone. The benefits come from the useful, everyday items that the Reprap can make besides its own parts.

How does the Reprap machine work? It’s a 3D printer, that is to say a computer controlled machine that can draw a highly intricate pattern and move up a fraction of a millimeter and draw another pattern. In this case instead of dispensing ink onto the paper, it uses a plastic extruder (think hot glue gun) into a flat surface until a very detailed 3D object is created. It is a critical machine in any manufacturing factory, or research and development lab.

Here is an excellent video from the Reprap founders showing how the Mendel Reprap works, worth the watch!-( What is the point? The Reprap Project ( envisions that 3D printing will be found in every home in the future. And will change the way goods are made. Instead of running to the shop every time you need a little trinket for one thing or another, you could likely make it at home and for less cost. For most homes, this is still a dream but with the help of the developer community the printer is constantly undergoing an evolution and learning how to print faster more precisely and with new materials. One day the machine will be able to print 100% of all its parts.

How does this Kickstarter project fall in with the Reprap Project? Well, anyone that has a Reprap can make the parts for another. Right now only a few dozen people around the world are currently participating in the project the way it was intended. I seek to help the Reprap project by building my Reprap quickly and begin printing more parts for others to build their own machine.

The parts I print will be sold or bartered for LITTLE TO NO PROFIT. Why would I do that? Because of the symbiotic relationship between the builder and machine allows me to gain from the OTHER objects it prints. The useful household items I use everyday. That is how the project is supposed to work, not by making money on the Reprap’s parts.

The goal of this project is to flood the market with affordable, high quality Reprap parts forcing other sellers to compete in the free market and keep the Reprap Project affordable for everyone.

The Funds Will be used to build a RepRap 3D printer and make the technology available to everyone in the community. As well as allowing inventors, artists and students to have a 3D printer available to help them in fulfilling their project needs.

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