The first 3D-printed handgun

The first 3D-printed handgun

The majority of the device, called the "Liberator," is fabricated entirely out of plastic, save for a nail used as a firing pin as well as a six-ounce piece of steel, intended to allow the gun to be detected by metal detectors.

The design consists of 5 x 5mm pins, and 3 x 3mm pins. All pins are 20mm long. Other components include a bolt, sear, trigger, barrel and receiver. Grip is removable. Barrel accepts .22LR cartridges. The spring is a 9.53mm x 37.31mm x 0.90mm spring available at Lowes or Home Depot.

The gun is currently redesigned to take a manufactured barrel. The other benefit of doing this it the firearm would become legal, as it would not break the 100 gram+ metal law, or the threaded barrel law.

You can download this file now from DEFCAD.

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