Stainless Steel

 3D printed stainless steel has a slightly matt surface finish for  vintage look. This material can be polished smoother for jewelry, structural parts, and anything in between. 

3D printing machine uses an inkjet head to deposit binder on a stainless steel powder surface. Each layer of powder is adhered in succession until an object is formed.

Then we take the printed objects out  and infuse them with bronze. Items  might look golden. After we  polish them with a tumbler.

Depending on how fragile the printed objects are use different polishing media.

This material is watertight, is dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not foodsafe. It is heatproof to 831C/1528F degrees.

The minimum recommended wall thickness for Stainless steel is 3.0mm and minimum detail size is 1.0mm.

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