3D Printed Sterling Silver products are made using a three-step process. The products are created with a lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D wax printer. The 3D printed wax model is put in a container and liquid plaster is poured around it to create a mold. After the plaster sets, the wax is melted out and molten silver is poured into the plaster mold. The plaster is then pulled away to reveal the silver and the finished product is polished for a smooth surface.

Sterling Silver comes in Regular, Glossy, and Premium finishes:

  • Regular silver is mechanically polished so may show print lines and have a rougher surface texture.
  • Glossy is lightly hand polished to achieve a smooth finish but still can have some surface texture.
  • Premium Silver is highly hand polished to a "wet" sheen and looks very shiny.

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