Ceramics is the first 3D printed food safe material available in the market. This 3D printing material is produced of fine ceramic powder, which is bound together with a binder, fired, and glaze with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. In addition to being food safe, the material is both recyclable and heat resistant.

Ceramics is perfect for cups, saucers, plates, models, building blocks and even statues.

When designing for Ceramics, please read through  design rules. Ceramics is a thick material to design for because you need to design a model that is printable, glaze-able, and can withstand the high heat of the stove and the structural changes the oven causes to your model.

The different model parts will deform at different rates in the stove, so sharp edges to become brittle. Curved edges are better and will glaze without risking cracks in the material surface.

This material is:


-not dishwasher safe,

-is recyclable, and is food safe.

It is heatproof to 500C/932F degrees. Higher temperatures may significantly change material properties.

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