Alumide is Nylon Plastic filled with Aluminum dust. This dust gives Alumide the sparkle. Begin with a foundation of powder mix of  Aluminum powder and Nylon Plastic. Sinter the powder with a laser layer by layer, solidfying the powder as we go.

The Aluminum in this material makes the end result more brittle than Strong & Flexible material.

They also offer Polished Alumide, which is a smoother version of Alumide. This material is great for jewelry or anything that needs a futuristic look. It gives your model a cute matte metallic finish without having to pay the price of more expensive Stainless Steel and Silver material.

Alumide is not watertight, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not foodsafe.

It is heatproof to 172C/342F degrees. Higher temperatures may significantly change material properties.

Warning: Polished Alumide will take off some of the details
The polishing media can take off up to 0.1mm of the surface. For small details, this can rub away the sharp corners of your details and make them less crisp.

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